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What our customers are saying

We love to hear about your Skinny Green Tea experience, so why not send us an e-mail or use #skinnygreenteaco on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about us.

I run my own business here on the Gold Coast, and for me Skinny Green Tea helps me get through the day.

I’m someone who can’t drink coffee, so Skinny Green Tea gives me that extra energy boost but with no jittery side effects.

Also, sometimes I just like to drink it for the taste… the fact that it’s super healthy is a bonus. And to top it all off, it’s helping me burn calories while I sit at my computer… can’t beat that!

I have been drinking Skinny Green Tea for almost a year now, and I can honestly say I love this product.

Vicky Lee

Gold Coast

I drink Skinny Green Tea because I love how it makes me feel. I get an energy hit that lasts about 4 hours, and it doesn’t leave me feeling tired. I also love how it tastes and it actually tastes like it’s good for me.

I use Skinny Green Tea as a natural pre-workout, I’ve noticed that I definitely sweet more when I drink Skinny Green Tea before my training. I feel like it’s working and I know it’s super good for me.

Laura Josephs


I have been drinking Skinny Green Tea now for a few months. I don’t know how I would get through my workouts without it! Plus after drinking Skinny Green Tea I feel more energised for the whole day, as apposed to crashing like I do when I take other pre-workouts.

I also really like that it’s made using organic Matcha, I’m a massive Matcha fan but the bitter taste is a little hard to take. So this is the perfect alternative, it’s sweet but not too sweet and the natural flavour goes really well with the Matcha taste. I honestly can’t get enough!

Ellie Borenstein

Suffolk Park

I have been drinking this every morning for the past years. I absolutely love it! It wakes you up without that jittery feeling that coffee can give. I can only describe it as a “focused alertness”. I also feel that it stabilizes my appetite throughout the day. On the rare occasion that I forget to drink it I am noticeably hungrier later in the day. In addition, I have been able to maintain my current weight for the last year that I have been drinking it (in the past I had trouble with weight gain) and I do not diet. It helps to curb sugar cravings in a big way! Also, over time you will notice improvements in your skin as well. I really cannot give enough praise for this product. I feel that it is good for your entire body; inside and out. I highly recommend trying it for a month. Chances are it will become a permanent staple in your diet.

Melanie Sanderson

Gold Coast